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Our only focus is assisting clients to achieve desired business objectives with our proven team of specialists. Investgofbi is now a leading Supplier of Raw material and Equipment in Turkey, active in the field of Oil, Gas, and Petrochemical Industry. Investgofbi has specialized at providing its Clients with the highest quality and time saving services by supplying from internationally accredited companies throughout the world. To make sure what we do is unmatched, Investgofbi brings together a group of professionals with significant breadth and depth of hands-on experience to provide a continuum of specialized procurement advisory services. Through its strategic supply chain management, Investgofbi can assist project to save time and reduce expenses. Our specialists have established a good record of experience in delivering procurement services over a number of projects and we continue to grow with our clients as their needs and initiatives evolve.

Investgofbi is a company which represents a group of companies based in Istanbul/Turkey .

At Investgofbi we strive to be the preferred supplier for efficiency increasing and cost lowering in your Research & Production. To achieve this strategic vision, we always push ourselves to exceed our customer’s requirement. By focusing ‘Beyond Your Expectation’ we continually expand our product line, enhance our systematic management and human resources.


● One of the policy of our company is to sustain a supplier base established on a commitment to responsibility ,safety and especially quality of products and services with competitive prices.

● Our company welcomes any person from our importing company to visit us in Istanbul to increase the trust and to get to know each other better.

● We give our costumer the possibility to visit our factories in Egypt, Sudan or Nigeria to find out the results of the analysis and to check the products.

● We will provide videos and photos to our customer during the loading of the container, door open, and door close. As well as filming at the loading of the quarter, half and whole container.




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